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family termite msOne-Time Mosquito Elimination 

Now, you can host an event for any occasion without the nuisance of uninvited guests. Mosquito treatment service can help make your outdoor parties worry-free. This one-time treatment can be applied prior to your outdoor event to effectively rid your yard of mosquitoes and deliver you peace of mind.

Each treatment will be performed by a trained and certified mosquito expert and will begin with a complete property inspection and written evaluation, followed by a 2-step treatment process consisting of:

  • Fogging – Fogging will be incorporated in areas of dense vegetation, shrubs, hedges, and tree canopies
  • Granules – fine granules will be spread over your lawn to repel mosquitoes

Step 1 and 2 and…No more uninvited guests on the guest list!

A monthly treatment program consisting of three steps is also available. Enjoy this service as an alternative to the automated system.