Our Pretreatment process is performed prior to the building of your future residence or business. Our technician will arrive as quickly as possible to keep the foundation crew’s downtime to a minimum. The following is the procedures our technician will follow.

  1. He will graph out the soil area that is to be treated.
  2. He will treat the soil completely with a termiticide (Dominion or Termidor) as per the label of that termiticide.
  3. The technician will pay special attention to the plumbing accesses and the form boards and apply 2 ga. Of diluted termiticide to these critical areas.
  4. The calculation for pretreatment is 1ga. For every 10 square feet horizontally and 4 ga. For every 10 square feet vertically of properly diluted chemical.

Vertical Termite Treatment

This is the second process of your initial termite treatment that was done when your residence or business was originally built. Please call our office to schedule a time and day that is convenient for you, the client, and your family. With a vertical termite treatment, there is no need to go inside your business or residence. The following is the procedure for completing a vertical termite treatment.

  1. The technician will trench a 6” deep and 6” wide trench all the way around your residence or business
  2. The technician will then treat inside the trenches to apply a termiticide (Dominion or Termidor) directly into the ground to complete a termiticide barrier around your investment.
  3. Next, the technician will take several photos of this process that will be kept in your file: this is done to insure the technician is completing the job properly.
  4. Finally, the technician will refill and cover the trenches and make them blend in with the landscaping as much as possible