MistAway Mosquito Control

Mosquito & Other Pests Control System

We offer the best Fully-Automated Mosquito Control System. Our system is an advanced, permanently installed insect control misting system that is guaranteed to eliminate the mosquitoes and control other flying, biting, stinging insects from your property. 

family termite msBelow we explain the step-by-step procedure for the working for our system:

Your Fully-Automated Mosquito Control System works by releasing small amounts of a botanical insecticide (Pyrethrum) on a set schedule, and is guaranteed to eliminate the pests and other insects from your yard. It's the equivalent of having a pest control technician treat your property multiple times a day. Our advanced technology incorporates precision engineered misting nozzles installed around the perimeter of the area to be covered and a high-powered pump managed by a 96 setting timer which will control the misting cycles. Typically, the nozzles are installed around your home under the eaves or in the gutters and along the fence. The nozzles are precision engineered and made from nickel-plated brass and stainless-steel. Our professionally trained installation crews perform the installation, so as to minimize the visibility of the system without compromising the effectiveness.

One of our experienced representatives will meet with you to determine the most effective system design for your property. We will identify likely breeding areas for mosquitoes and discuss your outdoor lifestyle and design the system to accommodate your specific needs. Measurements of the area to be covered will be taken to ensure the proper number of nozzles is incorporated into your system design. Too many nozzles wastes insecticide and money - too few, and the system will not be effective.

Our experience allows us to determine the proper number of misting nozzles for your property without any guesswork.

We fully understand the value of your home. Our installers are skilled and will demonstrate experience and professionalism when working on your property. Considerations will be made regarding the placement of nozzles for both attractiveness and effectiveness. Careful attention is given to the materials and techniques used on the installation of your system. 

Once the installation is complete, your system will be thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure proper functionality and coverage. Once the system has passed inspection, the Pyrethrum will be added to the reservoir and the timer settings input for your system.

While your mosquito misting/control system is fully-automated, we will want to take the time to educate you on the various components of the system and instruct you on timer management and system functionality so that you are able to operate the system like an expert. All of our misting systems include a hand-held remote control allowing you to mist outside of the scheduled cycles whenever you wish. We will demonstrate the use of the remote control while showing you how to operate the system.

Your new automated mosquito control system requires very little maintenance. We will keep your system filled and functional with no effort from you.